A synonym for peace: Küçükköy. Küçükköy hotel is a stop on the way to wellness and dreams in one of the most exquisite Aegean villages, Ayvalık. It is such a village that the within the scent of olives, a gate opens from nature to art.

Küçükköy Hotel is named after its village. Küçükköy is located in a medieval village three hundred years older than Ayvalık and is not yet showered with tourists. Küçükköy is filled with structures and buildings of the Greek architecture. Our hotel is a 12-room guest house that possesses the history of the Greek era. Every room in the hotel is restored with respect to its past; however, its most valuable attribute is that it is an escape from the busy metropolitan lifestyle for people who harbor passion for both discovery and vacationing by the water.

With the cheese produced from the village’s own milk and the richness harvested from its own soil, the breakfast is a demonstration of the indispensable neighbor culture of the village. Even the wines you will taste are flavors of the area. It is a remedy for both the body and the soul and will give you a sense of belonging to another location: we simply call it “SOMEWHERE ELSE”.